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James W. M. Jütte, BA, BSc, BEd, MA, MBA


This electronic-portfolio is designed to highlight my professional qualities, background knowledge, capacity to plan and capacity to teach -- abilities that constitute a competent beginning teacher. These aspects are referenced to the BC College of Teachers' (BCCT) Standards which are reiterated within Vancouver Island University's Faculty of Education, Program Outcomes. The standards demonstrate educational competence and professional conduct of educators in BC. Collectively, these competencies present accurate directives of
what professional educators should know and be able to do. They serve as a tribute to teachers - highlighting the important and skillful work of our proud profession.

My e-portfolio highlights evidence of my competencies in reference to these aspects and, includes self-reflections on my personal context for learning. Teaching is a profession,
governed by a certifying body. My e-portfolio dearly identifies my strengths and my capadty to teach and learn as a professional educator.

BCCT Standards
VIU Faculty of Education Proqram Outcomes
BCTF Code of Ethics

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